Ray Of Light

decoration and light

Ray Of Light

it will be a special vj-edition (Moreezz on Stage!)..See you all


My BIO begins a long way back..somewhere in 1964 in a smal town called: Wondai (Australia). Travelled a great part of the world with my family then went to boardingschool in Holland this was a major change...I had to speak Dutch.

OK and now the normal part (except for two more boardingschools) and just realizing that I am not.. so I followed an aducation in interior- and furniture-design at the art-academy.. graduated in 1991.

Moved to Arnhem and begun the real life..exhibitions..interior-design..my own studio..but most of all working with my hands..still hate sitting.

In 1999 my son was born and this changed my view on Life: started working at the Goudvishal as designer and mantenance.. gradually began designing dance- events and meeting lightengineers like Titus.. learned what was important: SHOW and being OPEN as creator and performer to the MUSIC.

Yes FORMS was my debut as lightengineer and still is my home..wich we change every month..I say we because the theme for every FORMS is designed by the FORMSFAMILY= KRU+ decoKRU+VJ+lightKRU+GUESTS and so many more!

Would like to say thanks to all who were and are part of this special FAMILY!