Deco Diva (quasi-active)



i'm exhausted!


Original deco team member alongside Ray Of Light, setting the high deco standards for FORMS each month.

Born in Pankow Berlin 1983, moved to the Netherlands 1987..

Finished HAVO in 2000, tried several studies like interior decoration, teacher on handcraft and drawing and landscapedesign before restarting on becoming a teacher in fine arts and design.

Currently set on pause in order to finish school. To have more time and freedom in design and decoration in whatever possible way.

Three passions i live and work by; music, nature and love.

Over the past years i have met an incredible amount of people who guided me to where i am now. Ever since the first edition i am hooked to this party,
i have performed in FORMS-deco-land over the last four years.
Ray and i have designed, worked and celebrated together with the fantastic Dany D, Lynn, Hilke and ofcourse Brendan. These people gave us what we needed and are true artists in their own way.

All other people who help out, are part of the kru are eventually part of the great forms family. It may be a strange family, but hey, at least we're standing!

more to come.. 1 love